10 artists to follow on Instagram

By Sybaris Collection

During this contingency, some artists have used their Instagram to develop special projects. Beyond that, we select some of the most interesting accounts on this social network, where artists use artistic possibilities to produce extraordinary pieces. Follow them right now!

Alexander Tinei (alexander.tinei) 

The artist born in Budapest in 1967 has dedicated himself to taking photographs of different places to take them out of context and, in this way, create an original story. Through colorful signs he details the meticulous anatomy of the bodies in oil. The result is striking portraits of men and women brought to life by the contours. Collages, watercolors, acrylic, installations, graphite works. For Alexander Tinei, all art fits inside a small screen.  




Mónica Rohan (monrohan) 

Monica Rohan studied Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art in 2010. Since then, she has created playful self-portraits with a particular focus on pattern, detail and color. Her Instagram posts revolve around a question: Is what we witness reality or does it belong to a dream? Her drawings and paintings stand out for their realism and abstraction. The prints dialogue with the human body in an emotional and creative way.  Recently she has shared a series of photographs that are the possible origin of her “crazy ideas”. 




Clet Abraham  (cletabraham)

The work space of this British artist is the street. If you walk through Florence, you will find here and there samples of his work: the traffic signs are intervened with small ironic lines that show a funny appearance for the passerby. Clet Abraham (1966) studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes. Other cities where his artistic visions can be appreciated are London, Turin, Milan, Paris and Barcelona. During  these days, Abraham wondered how to be a street artist in a time of coronavirus.  And he shared an image of a worker locked in a house. “I accept without hesitation to stay at home for respect for the other. But I have a particular thought for those who don’t have a home and for those who don’t have a job anymore.”





Colette Miller (colettemillerwings) 

Miller is best known for being the performer of the Gwar band, and for the Global Angel Wings art project: People can pose for pictures with the illusion of owning wings. But not just any kind of wings. Wings to create art. The mural has been seen in countries such as Mexico, Cuba, France and Australia. Begun in 2012 in Los Angeles, this work represents – in his own words – the divine of all humanity. Miller shares a puzzle of Los Angeles, an excellent opportunity to stay at home and warns that in it are a couple of murals of the #globalangelwingsproject




Okuda San Miguel (okudart) 

Óscar San Miguel Erice (Santander, 1980) began painting on the street and in abandoned factories. For him, these spaces used to be hidden treasures with an opportunity to express himself and make large murals. Okunda San Miguel, has found inspiration and references not only in the streets but also in art history. Its geometric and colorful murals can be seen in the United States, Japan, Chile, Canada, South Africa and India. Okuda San Miguel has created “Quarantine Dreams” during these times of confinement and explores how to deal with creativity in the face of confinement. This piece was built with ideas that the artist’s followers contributed during his live feeds and a part of the income from its sale will be taken to the initiative #colouringtheworld. 



Brenton Alexander Smith (brenton_alexander_smith_art) 

Brenton Alexander has known how to relate man-machine-waste concepts with surprising results. Audiovisual installations, sculptures, 3D object modeling, video game engines … the Australian artist’s workspaces are multidisciplinary. His Instagram is a true virtual museum that turns art into a unique experience.  Kurds, the gallery that exhibits the works of Alexander Smith remains closed due to the quarantine. Because of this, the artist adapted the exhibition to the digital world through this link arc-irl2url.com



Sougwen Chung (sougwen) 

Based in New York, the artist of Chinese-Canadian origin explores the idea of ​​machine and human body as codes of the same system. Researcher at the MIT Media Laboratory, her artistic purposes are focused on robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Her Instagram shows her experiments through attractive images, where science is related to art. Last year she was awarded the Woman of the Year in Monaco for her work in the Arts and Sciensce. The artist has taken advantage of her days in isolation to record data from her electroencephalogram and meditate in addition to preparing her next presentation.



Louis Montiel T (louismontielt)

Louis Montiel is a digital artist and experimental musician living in France. On his Instagram the user can follow his latest visual investigations, many of which are based on images and videos of the glitch aesthetic. Multimedia, datamoshing, keyframe and glitch art are its main resources. A student of arts and philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, much of Montiel’s work is associated with distortion. Over the past few days, Montiel has shared a piece created for her PhD research in which she explores video, image, generative art and glitch art. 



Es Devlin (es.devlin)

British artist Esmeralda Devlin’s workspace is the concerts of famous artists. If you turn to see the kinetic sculptures at the Beyoncé and Kanye West concerts, you will find samples of their work. Designer of dance pieces for Northern Ballet Theater, Rambert Dance Company and Russell Maliphant, her artistic purposes focus on installation by creating the closing of the London Olympics in 2012.



Paula Nuñez Bancalari (paulanunezbancalari) 

The artist born in Santiago de Chile uses collage and architecture to compose images on the unconscious. Architect by the Catholic University of Chile, her artistic purpose is focused on combining her knowledge in woodcut and illustration. She is part of the El Clan Collective together with two artists who experiment with collage, paper and illustration. Her work has been presented at Art Basel Miami, Art Stgo and FAXXI.