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The ABC of the Art Collector

By Regina de Con Cossío

The very essence of collecting is about assembling an array of objects through an act of love. The collector’s passion activates his / her search and, at the end of the day, his / her possessions. Within the artworld, the repertoire typically comprises painting, sculpture, antiques, photography. In an non philosophical way, it refers to objects.

Language is alway important regarding art. Since ever, the art world have built its own slang in order to create an identity, but also to communicate with each other in the midst of the dynamics art involves. That is way I offer you, as an art collector you are, a useful portable dictonary to be able to get involved with some key concepts when collecting art.

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7 artists to follow in 2021

By Regina De Con Cossío

A new year ahead, and with it a fresh and new access to explore artistic manifestos!  Keen to research, follow and learn more of the contemporary art scene, let’s welcome this 2021 with an open-minded and free spirit to delve more into art. If you are looking where to commence this new journey, have at hand the names of this seven artists, for they combine smart narratives and strong critiques with a variety of techniques and sensibility.

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Tips for Art collectors, Trends in Art

Top Figurative Painting Sales in Auction Houses

By Sybaris Collection

Since the popularity of the internet and online purchasing, globalism has allowed a strengthened art market to take shape, as artists and works previously found only in regional markets began to dot the landscapes of New York, Paris, and London in record numbers. In the early years of this new era, contemporary and abstract works by international artist were found everywhere, and figurative art seemed only a blip on the screen of art sales.  However, along with the shift in world attention to the conflicts humans have been suffering for thousands of years (with the focus on recent events), so have artists been using the human experience in a more basic form of expression: Figurative art. It has it been climbing the ranks of art sales as it grows in popularity by art collectors and has been in a relative boom for the last 10 years. A March 2017 Sotheby’s London sale provided several multimillion dollar sales in Figurative works. With a drastic increase in Figurative art auction sales, one may wonder if this is a lasting development or simply a short-lived fad. Let’s discover some of the reasons why…and proof of…its explosive growth.

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Tips to value your art collection. Second part

By Sybaris Collection

Read the first 5 points in the following link:

Do you like to collect art, but you don’t know what to buy or how to determine the value of the works that interest you? The current art market is extensive, as you can see when looking at some auction houses and galleries such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhambs, Phillips de Pury, Dorotheum and Balcils.

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