arteBA Focus/Distrito de las Artes 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

arteBA Focus/Distrito de las Artes is a fair in curatorial form, devised especially for Argentine galleries. It offers a new form of exhibiting, promoting and selling contemporary art. The curatorial committee, made up of Florencia Battiti and Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias, has the task of working with the 30 participating galleries representing a total of 80 artists and works to be displayed in an ad hoc layout designed by Ariel Jacubovich. Also collaborating on the selection of pieces using video is curator Karina Granieri.



To think about, and work with, what we now call “contemporary art” implies recognizing that it is a matter less of a historical and/or aesthetic category than of a system that gives itself definition and specificity by acting out of its own pieces, that is, by producing works, relations, and ideas. It is while it is happening that contemporary art sketches itself, erases itself, and redraws itself, over and over again 


The Open Forum section, which is open to the public free of charge and with an independent entrance, is a venue where leading international figures in the art world to come together to enrich debates on contemporary art. In 2017, the Prime Time Open Forum joins the topic of Dixit, with three conversation panels about “the future”.