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Tips to Becoming a Highly Successful Art Collector

There is a difference between purchasing, enjoying and being an art collector, much less a successful one. There is some kind of process to developing one’s expertise, and it can be a combination of natural talent, education, and of course, some amount of funding to procure artwork.

The following collectors are examples of success, and their stories are varied:

Bill Clarke

Growing up in an art-collecting family, he worked in the art industry and had been exposed to art culture for years. With only a small budget, he visited art galleries and purchased pieces that attracted him but were receiving some notoriety. He discovered the affordability of smaller pieces as well as artwork on paper.

Joe Friday

Taking advantage of the plethora of expert research and reviews, Joe spent a lot of time reading and learning to improve his confidence. Following his heart and focusing on the style of art that he enjoys, he has developed the ability to spot upcoming talent. He reports that it was a long process to becoming a successful collector, and not without bumps along the way.

Herbert & Dorothy Vogel

Working in New York City (location, location, location) allowed this middle class couple to fill their apartment with small pieces they could display in their home. Collecting art became such a rewarding hobby that they set aside funds just for that reason. Due to cramped space to display and affordability, they focused on small paintings and sculptures.

Kenneth Montague

He focused on art which reflected a culture, a time gone by, that fascinated him. A single piece inspired Montague to want to learn more about a particular medium, and he earnestly studied the culture. As he obtained many pieces which reflected his passion, his interest expanded into other mediums, as well as sharing his desire with others by joining art-focused charitable organizations.

By reading their stories, you realize they all have very different experiences. However, you will also find similarities, words of wisdom which can help you find your own way in the world of art collecting.

Art Collector blog TIPS


  • Visit museums and art galleries to expose you to as much variety as possible. There are many books and materials available, so read as much as you can. Immerse yourself in art culture—rub elbows with as many art industry experts as you can, and start to build your knowledge base.
  • Find what you love. Each of these highly successful collectors focused on artwork they wanted to see displayed in their own homes and offices. Once you choose a few styles to focus on, you can spend time perfecting your skills in those genres.
  • Take chances with young or emerging artists. There will always be risk to purchasing undiscovered artists’ work, but there can also be great rewards. Much of what makes a skilled collector is the “eye” for artwork which is on the edge of great demand!
  • Display your purchased pieces proudly and share what you find most fascinating about them. Your experience with pieces may lead other collectors—both veteran and prospective—to be drawn in by your example and what to find some of a similar style.

Art Advisory for Successful Art Collectors

Finally, realize that success isn’t found overnight. It takes years of learning, of participating in art events, and simply viewing artwork to develop the “eye” and confidence that all successful art collectors possess. For new collectors or those seeking unique pieces for investment, we are introducing a unique new invitation-only Private Sybaris ARTclub. The ARTclub will provide members with an exclusive introduction and access to fine art and design pieces by talented, renowned, and emerging artists you will only find in the Sybaris Collection. Would you be interested in Joining the ARTclub? Visit our ARTclub page and sign up to learn more.