The Confinement Live Performances

By Regina de Con Cossío

Curating the event…

Sometimes we select among the things that interest us;  questions we want to raise; themes we want to explore and answers we are searching for. Sometimes nature, politics, or social matters prevail.

From the current state of precaution in which we are, raises my intention to explore the effects of isolation from an artistic perspective by curating on the hop a series of live performances to be broadcasted online, in which confinement shall be explored.

By connecting online through social resources with artist studios in different places of the world, we want to exhibit artworks that can visually debate the scope of keeping ourselves in custody. The pieces shall follow the rules of performing arts, including documents, movements, choreography, music.

In times of Biology…

I believe practices change with needs. Yet changes can take some time. Think about Daniel Bell back in the 70´s writing about a third revolution, where production, labor and social relations would behave differently. 50 years after, this is more and more visible. Is it possible to say that the digital revolution will finally be completed by the Pandemic? Above all, biology seems to go ahead in this digitization process of the world.

Where are we standing regarding universal history? (Hegel), Are we finally capable of being in many spaces at the same time? How is sexuality affected by the virtually and isolation? What values are currently ruling? Are we as free as democracy promised?  How do we connect with screens? How is the production and the economy affecting our social connections? Who will survive?








Screen savers…

Amid of the virus, I don’t believe neither confinement nor isolation is about being alone, but about how we connect. Being confined limits our basic metric to measure freedom, because we still understand our life physically in the space and in a direct connection with others. Is this about the change? In a world of programmers, refugees in our own devices, depending on technology more and more, our fragility is evidenced by art.

Turning houses into stages to wave a way out of solitude in an exponential version of the age of the spectacle, the question is what is art campaigning for today?


Online Invitation…

I invite you to follow our series through Facebook and Instagram Fridays at 11.30 GTM.

You may find more mistakes than expected,  but this is the price of spontaneity. I also was not expecting a virus to knock at my door. I am sure we will find quick on the way how to solve all.

I will make sure to get well with technology and….. wash my hands.