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The Rental of Works of Art

By Sybaris

The world has radically changed. It is not that analogous processes have become digital: social processes have changed. The ways of communicating have changed. And the way of understanding the economy has also changed. We haven’t realized it yet, but the world is going to be very different from how we knew it a couple of years ago.

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Artists, Performance

Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino: the burning of Ninot

By Sybaris Collection

In 2019, during the famous art fair ARCO Madrid, Spanish artists Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino introduced a monumental sculpture of Felipe VI, current king of Spain. The hyper-realistic work of more than four meters in heigh, was on sale for €200,000 under the promise of burning it in a lapse time of a year. But what kind of collector would buy an art piece which would be later dissapear?

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