Sybaris and the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017 in Milan, Italy

Last week, we attended the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017 (“Salone”), representing our clients at this global event for design and home furnishings. Founded in 1961, the Salone show has become the most awaited event in the world for furniture and furnishings art. This international celebration of ‘ideas, creativity, innovation and technology’ saw an attendance of over 343,000 professionals and art aficionados, and over 2,000 exhibitors. We discovered some great pieces for our clients and friends.

The Salone presents fascinating works by emerging and renowned artists against the backdrop of historic and beautiful Milan, and this vibrant city is bustling with creativity during Milan Design Week. It is said of Milan that the chief currency is inspiration, not the Euro, and everywhere one turned, ideas, ambition and energy were abound. The content of this event is in no way limited to Italy. Over 165 countries are represented in this global event.

With over 1,500 exhibitions scattered throughout the area and drawing more interest each year, the main attraction is still found inside Milan’s Rho Fiera structure. Perhaps still led by established names in the industry, this event allows for new and emerging talent to showcase unique and thrilling work not seen in large scale. Collaboration was a theme this year, with several artists working alongside industry leaders to provide a greater venue for expression. There is more to the Salone than simply viewing art. Strolling through cobblestone streets, taking in the sights and smells of this historic locale, and enjoying the food and drink which years of perfecting have created, you breathed in Milan. Immersed in all that makes Milan an art-centric society, the splendor of creativity takes on living spaces with furniture and furnishings which are not only useful, but inspire its residents and visitors. Milan is filled with breathtaking new atmosphere with these vibrant artistic pieces.


Collaborating with Studio Job, whimsy and sparkle are scattered about with the creation of the Banana Lamp. Not as pricey as past offerings, this plays on the theory of amusement found in a traditional setting.


Euroluce-arturo alvarez

A more modernistic approach to lighting for a variety of applications was found at the nearby Euroluce exhibition. Geometric shapes, striking angles and remarkable lighting and shadowing were found throughout this arena. Another aspect to note was the display of many different colors across textiles, surfaces, and lighting. Pink remained a strong theme; however, gold was scattered about as well. Arturo Alvarez presented “emotional light”, a capricious display of shadow, lighting, and imaging. This was a popular scene, which sparked much discussion.

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

The importance of accessories in furnishings has increased as much as it has in fashion. The simple introduction of a complimentary or exceptional vase or a colorful rug can refresh, and reinvent a living room. There were many good reasons for visiting the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition: hundreds of exhibitors displayed a complete range of concepts for living. These top-of-the-line products and different trend designs are for the whole home furnishing system. Scattered in locations around the city, furnishings always draw a large crowd. With emphasis placed again on renewable energy and green living, several exhibitions focused on bringing people closer to the environment. Breathe, an exhibit representing urban living in a small footprint, included such aspects as a roof garden and a metal frame structure with a breathable skin. In the midst of square, straight lines, Norwegian artist Sigve Knutson presented a collection of Neolithic-styled display pieces, in both stone and metallic finishes, adding an ancient pop to a futuristic-feeling focus.

EuroCucina FTK – Technology for the Kitchen 2018

We enjoyed encountering the latest in built-in appliances, hoods and technology for cooking. Innovative vistas for enjoying your time in the kitchen, and bringing friends and family together. These designs represent the new dimension of connectivity. A wealth of materials and finishes along with clean lines and stylish designs—all combining for a sophisticated space—were found throughout the displays.

Surfaces of all shapes, styles, and colors, mean a kitchen no longer has to be a place to “just prepare meals.” With brightly lit workplaces, seating for visitors and family members alike, and technology to bring the freshest ingredients to your table, why not transform the ordinary task of preparing food into an adventure of color and energy?

Our participation in the Salone provided us a wonderful opportunity to further our mission of discovering art and design pieces by talented artists from around the globe. We have returned from Milan with lovely piece and discoveries. As always, we will continue to share with you.