Art Magazine “The Future Now” + Report No. 26 (Single Issue Digital Subscription)


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The new issue of Art Mag by Sybaris  explores the relationship between art, science and technology. Since always, art has imagined new realities that sometimes seem to come out from science fiction. However, in recent times the visual arts are using those depictions in order to question both its own limits and of science. The pieces of art produced in this context not only imagine new aesthetic possibilities for art but also challenge current political, social, moral or economic values. The Art Value Report reviews the 10 most expensive video-art works of our times. From Nam June Paik to Bill Viola, here are some of the pieces that make history in the art market.
We include Alfa Omega Alfa by Ozan Turkkan, a digital art work created by the amazing Turkish artist. Download it to your mobile device!

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