COLLECTING ISSUE – Art Magazine + Report No. 22

With our new issue of Art Magazine we inaugurate a new stage in Sybaris Collection. Following the sybarite spirit (a person with refined tastes who has access to exclusive services and products), the purpose of Sybaris is to redefine yes, the concept of luxury but mainly, the one of pleasure. For us, luxury is not only determined by money, but also by exclusivity and pleasure by the capacity to find and reveal the liked and desired. That an experience is unique can be related to gastronomy, science, politics, sociology and art. In this sense, art is not only a discipline of buying and selling. Before anything else, it is a phenomenon of conscious and unconscious perceptions. Sybaris gives its users and readers the most exclusive experiences to collect art based on values of all kinds, having in mind their tastes to find pleasure on the collectibles they want to get. Join us on this new path where we seek that our own lives have a high value not of money, but of meaning.


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Art Magazine Issue

Find our collectors magazine every with opinion articles, interviews, lists, essays with the most relevant information on contemporary art so you can make the best decisions to sell or buy pieces of art.