ART & AUCTION – Art Magazine + Report No. 23

While most of us have been requested to stay at home, we embrace the possibility to think, research, read and find new ways to entertain ourselves and enjoy our time, while we hope the current situation gets better soon for all. The pandemic though we are experiencing has made clear the importance of art in our lives. Who could stand 60 days without music?, appreciating colors?, or simply observing a beautiful Artwork?. Art will never be a necessity as things are, because it is beyond that. It is rather at the level of fulfilling our existence, experiences and connecting the most human side of us; the one usually busy with business, work and the agitated life we post-moderns ought to live. We have made this issue with love and looking for content for you to spend some time reading how to begin an art collection considering the secondary market, full of great deals. Our homes are our haunts and making them as enjoyable as possible makes it easy to stay there long.

Let’s add more art, and whiskey and coffee and simply be there.

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Art Magazine Issue

Find our collectors magazine every four months with opinion articles, interviews, lists, essays with the most relevant information on contemporary art so you can make the best decisions to sell or buy pieces of art.

Includes Limited Edition Artwork to download

Art Value Report

Our Art Value Report analyzes every four months the most important pieces and artists of today through market trends. With this report, you can make sales, purchase decisions or analyze the behavior of the art market for academic purposes.