Simone Berno next to one of his graffitis

A Personal Interview with Simone Berno

A close and personal interview with Italian artist Simone Berno where we discuss his creating process, what influences his art and more.

R: Why do you create art? What need does art satisfies for you?

S: Art is something that just happens, sometimes is a reaction to reduce a concept to its essence with few drawn lines. Other times, is exactly the opposite, the art  I make get meaning only when it is concluded and that gives me a point to start again and think.

R: How long have you been an artist and how long did it take you to develop your style

S: I’ve been like this since ever, I remember creating my first drawing at the age of 13. I spent 20 years studying different materials as copper, iron, steel and their reactions to oxidation, fire and many other actions. In this last 5 years something happened and changed my awareness and my way of communicating.


Graffiti by Simone Berno in Italy

Photo Courtesy of Simone Berno

R: Describe your style in a simple sentence:

S:A human vision in a surreal synthesis, influenced by Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Futurism, Figurative Art, Cubism and Art Deco.  

R: Which artists do you enjoy or may have been an influence on your work?

S: Many contemporary artist are stunning…but I look at the historicals as Magritte, Modigliani and Burri; not as influences exactly but for a common vision of life and the universe that’s inside everyone of us.

Graffitis in different Italy streets by Simone Berno

Photo Courtesy of Simone Berno

R: What part of the process of creating art do you enjoy the most and why?

S: My approach is very precise; it is a process of construction. It is about simulating a problem that I made and that I have to solve by inventing something new. My figurative art is a trip inside me. I like it, it’s like a holiday where I remain motionless.  

R: How do you know when a piece is done?

S: An artwork is never done, you must leave it and skip to another one.  

R: What’s next for Simone Berno, as an artist and art enthusiast?

S: To stay alive, hungry, curious and to resist!  


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