Our Editorial Selections 05/1

By Sybaris Collection

Discover in our monthly selection the most attractive books to collect. Photography, painting, landscaping among other disciplines, here you will find the latest in the art world to enjoy from your home.



Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures 

Author: Dorothea Lange, Sarah Meister, Sally Mann, Julie Ault, Sandra Phillips, Lauren Kroiz, Kimberly Juanita Brown, River Encalada Bullock, Sam Contis, Jennifer Greenhill y Wendy Red Star.


Nueva York, 2020

176 pp.

Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures is a compilation of the most comprehensive photographic archive of the American photojournalist, known for portraying the ravages of the Great Depression. This book is the result of her first exhibition at MoMA and reflects her curiosity and concern to reinforce images with words. Lange (1895-1965) disclosed her work in magazines, poems, albums, among other media. Sarah Hermanson Meister, curator of the museum where the exhibition took place, opens this text with an essay on the power of image in Lange. This book is a fortunate dialogue between photography and words. For Arthur Lubow of The New York Times, “One happy consequence of our dismal political moment is a rediscovery of Lange. ”

Link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Dorothea-Lange-Words-Pictures/dp/1633451046/ref=pd_sim_14_3/137-6960382-2662725?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1633451046&pd_rd_r=1fe4a856-4473-4811-aae2-40076a38c520&pd_rd_w=J0MmV&pd_rd_wg=ft0UT&pf_rd_p=e5a91809-b09b-4096-a80e-e5c9f6bd4b54&pf_rd_r=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3&psc=1&refRID=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3



Francis Bacon: Books and Painting

Author: Didier Ottinger, Chris Stephens, Miguel Egaña, Michael Peppiat y Catherine Howe

Thames & Hudson

United Kingdom, 2020

242 pp.

A representative painter of German Expressionism and inspired by Egon Schiele, Paul Cézanne and Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon (1909-1992, Dublin) traveled to the walls of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to display much of his work with the influence of the literature. Twelve triptychs, eleven folds and sixty paintings are part of this publication that aims to show the artist’s most symbolic works. Bacon had a fascination with books and literature, for this reason he invoked several writers within his works: T.S. Eliot, Joseph Conrad, Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Leiris and Georges Bataille.

Link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Francis-Bacon-Painting-Didier-Ottinger/dp/0500239983/ref=pd_sim_14_11?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0500239983&pd_rd_r=1fe4a856-4473-4811-aae2-40076a38c520&pd_rd_w=J0MmV&pd_rd_wg=ft0UT&pf_rd_p=e5a91809-b09b-4096-a80e-e5c9f6bd4b54&pf_rd_r=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3&psc=1&refRID=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3



Renoir: The Body, the Senses

Author: Esther Bell, George T M Shackelford, Colin B Bailey, Martha Lucy, Nicole Myers, Lisa Yuskavage, Alison De Lima Greene.

Clark Art Institute

Estados Unidos, 2019

264 pp. 

Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) is one of the most iconic Impressionist artists in history. His artistic interests are the result of the fusion between Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Some of his works are considered a response to the initiatives of Courbet, Manet and Degas. This book is the fruit of an investigation into his drawings, paintings and sculptures. Esther Bell, chief curator of the Clark Art Institute, and George TM Shackelford, deputy director of the Kimbell Art Museum, worked hand in hand to see the birth of one of the most comprehensive publications on the element that inspired the artist for a long time: the human body .

Link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Renoir-Body-Senses-Esther-Bell/dp/0300243316/ref=pd_sim_14_39?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0300243316&pd_rd_r=1fe4a856-4473-4811-aae2-40076a38c520&pd_rd_w=J0MmV&pd_rd_wg=ft0UT&pf_rd_p=e5a91809-b09b-4096-a80e-e5c9f6bd4b54&pf_rd_r=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3&psc=1&refRID=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3



Landscape Painting Now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism

Author: Barry Schwabsky, Todd Bradway, Robert Shane, Louise Sorensen y Susan Van Scoy.

Distributed Art Publishers

New York, 2019

368 pp.

If we talk about landscaping in the 21st century we cannot fail to mention Landscape Painting Now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism. It is the first publication to explore the relationship between nature, landscapes and art. Barry Schwabsky presents an extensive essay on the history of painting in the art world and its importance up to this century. The book is organized into seven chapters that explore different themes based on works by artists such as Cecily Brown’s, Peter Doig, David Hockney and Julie Mehretu. “Ideal for scholars and art lovers, this ambitious work provides an invaluable guide to this ubiquitous subject.” -The Arts Society

Link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Landscape-Painting-Now-Abstraction-Romanticism/dp/1942884265/ref=pd_sim_14_41?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1942884265&pd_rd_r=1fe4a856-4473-4811-aae2-40076a38c520&pd_rd_w=J0MmV&pd_rd_wg=ft0UT&pf_rd_p=e5a91809-b09b-4096-a80e-e5c9f6bd4b54&pf_rd_r=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3&psc=1&refRID=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3



Julie Mehretu

Author: Christine Y Kim, Rujeko Hockley, Andrianna Campbell y Adrienne Edwards

Prestel Publishing 

Munich,   2019

320 pp. 

Julie Mehretu is one of the artists most interested in large-scale abstract landscapes. Born in Addis Ababa, Mehretu experienced a series of events and political instability in her country, including the overthrow of Haile Selassie, a situation that forced her to emigrate to the United States. This book has been ranked as one of the New York Times best art books in 2019 – a comprehensive retrospective to understand the Mehretu murals. After living in Africa and the Middle East, the artist made a large number of drawings and paintings that show her presence in the art world since 1990, creating a surprising narrative where politics, art and society merge. “A long time coming, Julie Mehretu compiles for the first time a comprehensive overview of the artist’s expansive and evolving body of work made from 1996 to the present.” -Culture Type

Link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Julie-Mehretu-Rujeko-Hockley/dp/379135874X/ref=pd_sim_14_5/137-6960382-2662725?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=379135874X&pd_rd_r=1fe4a856-4473-4811-aae2-40076a38c520&pd_rd_w=J0MmV&pd_rd_wg=ft0UT&pf_rd_p=e5a91809-b09b-4096-a80e-e5c9f6bd4b54&pf_rd_r=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3&psc=1&refRID=QVS3C7A2MGJMZZD1GXY3