Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______ Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______ Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______Start or Grow your Art Collection. _______ Start or Grow your Art Collection.


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Among the different entrances to access the art world a challenge rises over which one to choose. Walls, budget, aesthetic preferences, and knowledge may give us trouble through the journey. A guide is due for art lovers seeking to begin a collection.

Where as a trained eye helps collectors increase their treasures. In 2015 we decided to launch an online platform to offer handpicked art for collectors and framework. In 2017 this became a magazine, and, later, art value reports; the brand is a result of trips, visiting art galleries, meeting artists and finding a
way to bring them together to a worldwide community of art lovers.

Initially we considered only to focus in digital arts and soon we realized the importance of including contemporary art in its different techniques.

In our perspective space is the real canvas. Be it a wall, a screen, or any given surface: the skin, the canvas. We also think that taste is unique, defined by each individual. Our mission, thus, is finding the piece that meets these conditions.

Among the multiple ways there are to express and to find answers to interrogates humans place, art offers objects that open all sorts of conversations. Granted then that art is a provocation, we think that it should invite the viewer to react and feel.

The importance of relating then with art is keeping awake our humaneness.

We now welcome you to find in our project your suitable door to the art world as well as the pieces that speak for you.

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Still Life

This is an open space for artists to appropiate the pages of Art Mag, in order to experiment with the possibilities offered by digital tools. Each issue includes a uniquw artwork made by artists exclusively for you to download and enjoy on any of your devices!

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