How to start your art collection. First part

By Sybaris Collection

Are you thinking of starting your art collection? Follow these short tips and get ready to do it.

Find out. Do not get carried away by fashion or famous names. An art collection is an extension of yourself. Study the authors. Know their motives and the materials they usually work with. Collect works that have to do with your ideas, your emotions and your interests, that way it will be more personal and say more about you.

Be curious. Have you ever heard the phrase “enjoy the trip more than the destination”? The same goes for an art collection: your acquisitions matter, but more the search process, the visit to the fairs, the conversations with experts, critics and curators. Starting an art collection is an adventure that can change your way of life.


Learn from curators. Determine a theme (or several) for your collection. Make the works dialogue with each other. Not only will they have consistency and personality: They will have more value! To get it, approach the curators through their books, interviews or conversations. Take art history courses. When you visit exhibitions and art fairs, make sure you know the curatorial reasons.

Define a budget. Starting an art collection is not about having a lot of money. There are very accessible works. Define how much you want to spend on art annually. Compare prices. Find out everything you can about the value of the works and their expectations for the future.

Take care of your art collection. When you buy a piece, you know all the care you need to keep it: temperature, space, etc. Get it framed right. A work is as important as the way it is exhibited.

Take a risk. Don’t let the new formats and platforms scare you. Art is a living, flexible space: stay open to new names. Watch the movement of social networks, especially Instagram. You will be surprised by the news they can find out about!

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