Eight Outstanding Places to View Digital Art

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC

Founded in 2002 in NYC, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery focuses on representing digital artists who strive to connect technology and art, with a special interest in digital photography and video art. The gallery has extensive history of participation in art fairs, including the San Francisco Photo Fair, The Armory Show, and PULSE Miami Beach.

Understanding the burdensome aspect of video art, so when searching for new artists and their works, Wolkowitz looks for works which have strong functionality. Artists like José Parla, whose large-scale installation pieces have been displayed in public locations like One Word Trade Center focus on international cities, and Yorgo Alexopoulos, who uses multiple video monitors in his mixed-media works, are exhibited here.

Visitor Information: The gallery, located in the art neighborhood of Chelsea, is open by appointment only, Mondays through Fridays.

DAM (Digital Art Museum), Berlin

This online-only art collection (it does have a small brick and mortar gallery in Berlin) is maintained by an advisory board of professors and art professionals who hand-pick works to be exhibited. Started in 2000, the museum hosts an assortment of digital works by more than 35 artists, from circa 1956 to today.

The comprehensive collection of digital works also includes resources such as biographies and articles as well as interviews with artists and other digital art leaders.

Visiting Information: The online gallery is accessible via the museum’s website; DAM participates in periodic art fairs and shows, which are listed on the website.


Created initially in 1979 as an arts festival and continuing successfully until the center was built in 1996, ARS ELECTRONICA heralds the marriage of art and technology as expressed by scientists, computer programmers, and artists working in collaboration. Consisting of festivals, a worldwide competition, an online media lab, and the Center building, ARS ELECTRONICA is distinctive in its inclusion of technology-based scientific research alongside artistic creation.

What makes ARS ELECTRONICA a unique addition to the digital art world is the Prix Arts Electronica, which rewards and celebrates new additions to innovation as it relates to artistic creation and technological evolution.

Visitor Information: The ARS ELECTRONICA Center, located in Linz, Austria on the banks of the Danube River, is open Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays).

ARTECHOUSE, Washington, DC

Another facility dedicated to digital art, ARTECHOUSE focuses on large scale digital pieces by leading innovative digital artists. Located near the National Mall, this facility is perfectly placed to encourage tourists and locals alike to stop and EXPERIENCE art.

Creating immersive art experiences which excite the senses, ARTECHOUSE combines all types of art, including music, film, and theater with more common video digital art installations.  Another aspect of the digital art featured here is its pure creativity: the founders wanted to provide art which simply aspires others without political or socioeconomic undertones. Harnessing the power of social media, images from ARTECHOUSE have been plastered on Instagram, adding to its powerful popularity.

Visitor Information: ARTECHOUSE is open daily; daytime admissions are for all visitors, and evening admissions are geared towards those 21 and over. Ticket prices are $15 for most adults and downloading the ARTECHOUSE app allows visitors to experience augmented reality activation.

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)

From robotics to immersive audiovisual installations, the variety of artworks at the annual Athens Digital Art Festival is far-reaching. Originally conceived in 2005 as the Athens Video Art Festival, technological advances have pushed this event to achieve more.

This free event allows anyone interested in art to visit and immerse themselves in a variety of exhibits. There is even a special kids program, where families receive a guided tour and experience activities especially for them.

Visitor Information: Held in late May with a different theme, ADAF is an annual event worth visiting time and time again!

DiMoDA (Digital Museum of Modern Art)

This online collection of digital works is known for its traveling exhibits. Exhibitions are installed at fairs and galleries around the world, where curators also spend time providing workshops and sharing their expertise about the digital art scene with visitors.

Visitor Information: DiMoDA’s website offers a list of locations where works are exhibited, offering art enthusiasts the opportunity to view pieces in person.

ZKM Center for Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany

A pioneer in the digital arts industry, this brick and mortar facility has something for everyone. From hundreds of digital art works to daily tours and workshops, there is plenty to see and do for art enthusiasts of all ages. Further, ZKM staff offers programs for schools and teachers to further their digital education and share the skills they learn with students.

Visitor Information: ZKM is open Wednesdays through Sundays. Free admission is offered on Fridays after 2:00 pm.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum, Tokyo

TeamLab has created a new digital art museum in Tokyo, designed to fully immerse visitors in the digital art as they travel in and out of the displays. Focusing on the connection between art and technology, this is the largest museum of its kind in the world.

Visitor Information: The exhibition at Mori Building Digital Art Museum is currently open daily, Mondays through Fridays at 11:00 am 10:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Due to its early popularity, tickets sell out quickly.