Museum Highlight

Museum Highlight

The Colorful and Conservative Folkloric Ballet of Mexico

The Amalia Hernandez’s Folkloric Ballet Company of Mexico presents their traditional show at the Palace of Fine Arts during all the month of April in Mexico City.

Founded back in 1952, Hernandez took her inspiration from traditional Mexican dances from Michoacán and started her own company as a choreographer and art director. Thus, Sones antiguos de Michoacán was born and it immediately was an enormous success.

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Museum Highlight, The Provocation Column

Nasher Sculpture Center: International Modern & Contemporary Sculpture Collection

Deep in the heart of Texas, where visitors are more likely to visit a stock show or look for great barbeque, an outstanding collection of top sculptures reside in a breathtaking 55,000 square foot building. Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano designed the practical but striking building, an oasis in a forest of garish skyscrapers which Dallas is known for. Combined with over an acre of outdoor space, this combination houses the dreams of sculpture collector and real estate developer Raymond Nasher. In an arts community shadowed by the more widely-known western heritage of Texas, the Nasher Sculpture Center showcases impressive works by such artists as Donald Judd, Willem de Kooning, and Paul Gauguin, in its mission to showcase works of modern and contemporary sculpture. Its reputation as an international leader in sculpture demonstrates the importance of sculpture to the international art community.

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Digital Art Museums for Sybaris Collection
Museum Highlight

Digital Art Museums You Shouldn’t Miss

Although many modern art museums have made strides in welcoming digital art exhibits, either in temporary or small permanent displays, few have made this genre the main event of the facility. Additionally, the digital nature of this art means that it can be exhibited anywhere, and dedicated facilities are not only unnecessary, but uncommon as digital exhibitions are displayed at various locations regularly. If you are looking specifically for digital art exhibitions, the following museums have dedicated the majority, if not all, their exhibition space to digital works.

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Museum Highlight, Trends in Art

Two Houses of Art: H Queens and Pedder Buildings

Although touted as one of the biggest art markets in the world (behind only London and New York), Hong Kong simply did not have a showcase building for art galleries. However, a new era begins with an addition to the landscape, H Queens, and the rejuvenation of a grand old building, the Pedder Building. The art scene of Hong Kong is destined for greatness with the addition of these outstanding structures to present a variety of artworks in this growing market. In a creative yin and yang atmosphere, the old and the new together offer collectors two different atmospheres when looking for art.

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