Clara Cebrián: Colors from Madrid

Photo Courtesy of Clara Cebrián
Clara Cebrián, contemporary artist from Madrid, brings her colors and shapes to Sybaris.

Born in Madrid in 1991, she finished her BA in Graphic Media Design for Interactive and Moving Image at the London College of Communications in 2013.

Now she makes animations, and exhibits in the Slowtrack gallery in Madrid.

«I am interested in daily routines, objects and feelings and day-to-day scenes. By changing the focus of attention, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the secondary becomes the protagonist. I try to show my ideas in the simplest way possible ».

At 19, she moves to London where she studies Interactive Design and Moving Image at London College of Communications.

During those years she participates in group exhibitions in Madrid and London. While doing projects with TEDx (UK) and magazines such as Scrag End (Australia), Alba (UK), and the design studio MERRY + VALENZUELA (USA). She is also a finalist in the Santander Talents Video competition of Santander Bank and its animation is shown on TVE.

Just graduated and back in Madrid, Clara collaborates with the MATADERO in the Cultural Factory project, where she lives for three months. This same year she directs a video clip for Norwegian singer Erlend Oye under the Berlin label «Bubble Records».

She made his first individual exhibition at the beginning of 2015 in the Slowtrack gallery in Madrid, entitled «Bullfighters and Rockets».

Now she works anywhere thanks to his folding and portable study that fits in a carry-on suitcase, performing animation and illustration.

Clara Cebrián at Sybaris

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Photos Courtesy of Clara Cebrián