Art Will Never Be the Same Again

By Sybaris Collection

The pandemic disrupted a series of social, political and cultural dynamics that have been forced to transform. What changes will happen in art in the coming years? We tried some answers.

1) Blockbuster exposures

Museums around the world used the following formula to legitimize art: attractive exhibitions where people go to take a selfie. The pandemic not only interrupted this spectacular and wealthy circle, but also forced it to disappear: the lines in museums will not be the product of the number of people who want to enter a museum but because of the small number of people who may be in it.

2) Art fairs

If the art fairs had been rethinking their way of presenting works, and many of them had played the role of an exhibition or museum, today their dynamics will be totally new. They are very likely to disappear as we know them. They are also very likely to move to the digital format.

3) Art auctions

Amateur collectors will purchase their pieces more frequently at digital art auctions. The trend will be upward. Art galleries are very likely to lose power in their physical spaces. They will also be forced to move to online platforms. The art market will have a challenging new twist!

4) Artistic education

Education is one of the sectors that will undergo a more radical transformation with the pandemic. And it is very likely that museums, galleries, auction houses and universities that teach art will transform in a phenomenal way to provide relevant artistic professional training. The challenge is very high. But the results can open an enriching time for the professionalization of curators, artists, journalists, critics, etc.

5) Art online

Many artists have taken advantage of social networks to create surprising artistic pieces. However, this pandemic will open a new era where there will be a real dispute. The Internet will become a space where the most risky art proposals will be made. These proposals will be more stimulating when they acquire a transformative political, economic, and social tone. Will a new wave of hacking artists come to question current social processes?