Art Beijing 2018 in Beijing, China

On 29th April 2018, Art Beijing will hold its 13th annual art fair in Beijing, the event that has served the largest number of art organizations in China. Based in Beijing, Art Beijing is endlessly adjusting the structure of its exhibitions and exploring ways to develop in a way that suits the market in China, based on both the art market established structure and Art Beijing’s rich experience in running its art fairs.

Based on a core concept “Locally based, and Asia-oriented”, Art Beijing 2018 will continue with its previous exhibitions’ scale and form by integrating into it the country’s significant weight in domestic art. With the strong support of the Beijing Gallery Association, on 29th April, Beijing will become the center of China’s art market. This year’s fair will still include 4 sections: contemporary art, classic art, design, and public art.

To develop art is to keep breaking through established culture and aesthetic tastes, to cultivate the interests, tastes and styles of the new era.

The thematic exhibitions of Art Beijing’s will be curated by art director Zhao Li, in cooperation with private art museums and 10 invited artists, who have already made it into the Chinese contemporary art history books, to present their latest works. These works are not only breakthroughs in terms of the artists’ subject matter and their capabilities; they also show an expanded use of media and materials.


Meanwhile, a new sub brand of Art Beijing, Photo Beijing, will appear at Art Beijing 2018 as a special exhibition. It will sort through and present the various possibilities that photo’s ever-changing technologies bring.

A continued question for Art Beijing to explore is the relationship between the installation of large-scale art sculptures in public spaces and the elevation of urban culture. Thanks to plenty of outdoor space, the public art “Art Park” project will present public artworks within Asia.

Art Beijing has planned tailor-made invitations and VIP guided tours, further intertwining the fair with the city of Beijing and its unique culture and artistic environment. Art Beijing has cooperated with private art museums, collector clubs, premium brand customer centers and other similar organizations, in the hopes of welcoming new collectors, who share a deep love of art, to the table.

The collective presentation of various art forums and thematic exhibitions has created a wide array of art. We hope everyone who comes to the fair sees an ever-improving Art Beijing, from its attitude, to its quality and its service.