5 Independent Art Spaces in Mexico City

The contemporary art scene in Mexico City is having an interesting moment thanks to recent propossals that offers an alternative to stablished museums regarding the creation, organization and exhibition of contemporary art. Among the complex and vast panorama, we selected 5 independent art spaces runned by artists or independen curators. Those might not be a totality of what the city offer for art lovers, but they are an example for imagining new dynamics to have a fun and professional approches to art.

—RRD (Red de Reproducción y Distribución)

Founded in 2016 by artists Paloma Gómez, Joel Castro, Lorena Álvarez Tinoco, Sergio Torres, Mariajosé Cruz, Alberto Vivar y Bruno Ruiz, RRD is platformed focused—as its name pointed out— on the production and distribution of audiovisual and printed contents. They use a newsstand on the street as a space for exhibit art, editorial and site-specifc projects, but also as a meeting point between artists, editors, curators, and general public for they to have an space for free and creative exchanges about art practices. The main objective for RRD is to offer alternative distribution and disseminating processes.

Gral. Pedro Antonio de los Santos, 80, col. San Miguel Chapultepec


Lagos is an art studio and residency space in Mexico City dedicated to the production and development of contemporary art projects and their exhibitions. Their main objective as an organization is to support artists and promote the intersection of art professionals. It is open to artists, curators, writers, editors and cultural agents, offering them the opportunity to insert themselves in the creative panorama of Mexico City. Located in an old factory, Lagos offers to visitors the oportunity to meet the artists in residency as if they were in its own studios.

—Espacio Unión

It is an art independet runned by artists, which main objective is to cread a collaborative network with artists, curators, art proffesionals, and the public. They offer exhibitions of artists that aren’t commonly exhibited in museum and that are exploring the new tendencis en the cotnemporary art practices.

Unión 221, col. Escandón


—Guadalajara 90210

Originally stablished in Guadalajara city, since December 2020 they have an space in Mexico City focused in exploring new exhibition formats through the organization of site-specific projects by contemporary artists. All their exhibitions, bot collective and solo shows, explores the current production in painting, sculpture, installation, video, among other formats generally created by artist based on Mexico City.

Calle de la Constitución 42, col. Escandón


—Salón Silicón

Founded in December 2017 by artists Olga Rodríguez, Romeo Gómez López and Laos Salazar, Salon Silicón is an art gallery located in Escandón neighborhood, specially dedicated to promote and exhibit the work of artists particulary women, queer and member of the LGTBI+ community. Its space used to be a traditional beauty salon and the artists kept the original mood, which is an important detail as they didn’t change the style of the neighborhood.

Minería 60, col. Escandón.