Types of Walls to Hang a Painting

An artwork, be it is a drawing, artistic design, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramic or painting, expresses meaning and magnifies emotions in ways that are inexplicable. Adding a painting to a room is a way to add interest to it. However, arranging the painting in a way that is attractive may be a different task altogether. A factor that makes artwork more beautiful and pleasing is the way and position it is placed or hung. When hanging paintings in the home, there are a few things you may need to consider or questions you need to ask. Let’s get started.


Making sure your painting looks like a part of the room is something you should aim for; doing this, will give life to it and ensure it stands out – which is what you want. To make this happen, you need to consider what is around the painting. Some steps you can take in this regard are to;

  • Place the painting, so it is central to the wall especially if it is blank.
  • Hang the painting in a way that makes its top be in line with your view.
  • Hang it nearer to the item (fireplace, radiator or sofa) than to the ceiling.
  • Ensure the artwork is central to whatever is underneath it


Paintings are undoubtedly a great and a beautiful piece of art. However, you need to consider the colors, scene and message of a painting before placing it in a room. Paintings that serve best usually work with the color scheme, and style of the room (traditional or contemporary). Another aspect you need to consider is the size of the painting. Will a small artwork fit into the room perfectly or will a large artwork serve better?


Having understood that, here are few walls to hang your painting.

  • Above the Couch or Sofa: a painting that is positioned too high in a room may not look as great as you may want and people often make this mistake. Consider placing your art at a position that makes it align with your eye level.
  • In the bedroom: another place you may hang paintings in the bedroom.  Personal art works or paintings that have a single color scheme usually fit into the bedroom. 
  • Use the Middle: in grouping paintings, you need to find the middle of a wall and arrange the paintings in a way that makes it mirror each other. The best way to do this is to ensure that the number of paintings that form your grouping sum up to an odd number.
  • Take note of Scale: this means considering the size of your painting. Paintings that are too small or too large can make a grouping disorganized. You have to ensure the size of the artwork fits with the environment around it. This may be the sofa, bed or any other object.

When it comes to hanging a painting, you need more than a fireplace or a radiator. Walls may function as the base for any painting, but the size, scaling and manner in which a painting fits any room is a raw skill.


Remember when selecting and displaying any work of art, design your lighting to highlight the specific work on display, and choose pieces which complement the surroundings. When establishing or increasing your art collection, let Sybaris Collection show you a variety of works for all tastes and genres.  With our  Private Art Advisory services, we can improve your art buying and ownership experience.