Trending Fashion Photographers of Fashion Week 2019

Fashion shows are over in New York, Paris, and Milan for the year 2019. Once fashion week is done, a certain relief can calm the industry because the pressure to be bulimic and perfect has disappeared. Most people would definitely say yes to attend a fashion show, but not all get the chance of a lifetime.

Fashion photographers save the masses by archiving and displaying, almost instantly, all the hype and action coming directly from backstage and the catwalk featuring none other than the devil herself, Miss Ana Wintour. Of course Demarchelier, Hasset, Klein, Le Gouès, and LaChapelle are photographers who now get to sit front row next to Cardi B, and they all started from the bottom of the backstabbing industry. However, who gets to grab the spontaneity and magic of backstage? Who gets to capture the moments of models flirting with one another while waves of people stressfully do their makeup? These are the saviors of gay boys and girls who stole their mom’s cellphone and locked themselves in the bathroom to catch candid photos of the Hadid sisters.

Only .99% of the world’s population can say they have attended a fashion show of an elite household name. That is why fashion photographers are heroes to many vogue addicts. We present 8 different photographers, both established and emerging, that conquer backstage culture.



Christopher Logan @cloganstudios

Logan is a musician and photographer based in New York City. His most recent backstage magic includes Palomo Spain, Wan Hung, Willy Chavarria, Carlos Campos, Snow Xue, Gao, and Custo Barcelona. His photography can be described as a blend between cinematic imagery and everyday beauty. His work also includes photo sessions for pop star Troy Sivan and opera group Il Volo and esclusively working for La Palme Magazine.

Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

Mexican photographer based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Gabriela Gum has hit the runways in New York, Milan, and Paris. From being featured in Vogue Mexico, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan to capturing the magic backstage at the MOSCHINO and Gucci shows in Milan, Gum plays with textures and puzzles through her work.

Alexander Kozhin @sashurako

Based in Moscow, Kozhin is an internationally published fashion photographer who works mostly in Europe and the US. His work include exclusive backstage work for Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Philipp Plein, Dsquared, John Richmond, SLava Zaitsev, Goga Nikabadze, and Igor Gulaev.

Chloé Le Drezen @chloeledrezen

The Paris based photographer is celebrated mostly for her documentation of subcultures of fashion and her edgy twist. Her work has been published in RIKA, SSAW, The Gentlewoman, and T Magazine amongst others. Represented by non-other than The Collective Shift, Le Drezen is a high-profile experiences backstage artist.



Louise Angerer @edenthecollection

Angerer’s focus is on the Tokio and China fashion industry. Fashion and beauty photographer for Metropolis Magazine, Angerer has built a reputation on documenting cosmetic process backstage for various fashion shows around the world.


Mustafa Ozmen  @mustafaozmenn

Ozmen is one of the new and rising photographers to look ou for in the coming years. His experience in fashion photography has led him to editorial pieces.


Corey Tenold @coreytenold

Tenold is Vogue Magazine’s first choice in sending a backstage photographer for any fashion show anywhere in the world. His clients include Marc Jacobs, MOSCHINO, New York Times, Thom Browne, Alexander Wang, Balmain, W Magazine and many more prestigious households.

Matt Lever @mattleverphoto

Based in London, Lever tackles down the backstage fashion shows for London Fashion Week. Since 1999, his work has been praised by British Elle while shooting exclusively for Dolce and Gabbana at their Alta Moda fashion shows.