Top Selling Recent Collage Art Works

Collage art represents a more distinct method of artistic creation, but it does not fail to impress art collectors worldwide, who have supported their growing interest with impressive sales. The following are a few of the notable sales in recent years, each representing a slightly different era, and unique approaches by the artists whose works have brought impressive prices.

Collage Artists

Kurt Schwitters

Bumpy” sold $23.8 million in June 2014, sold by Christie’s in London. One of the founding artists of Collage Art, Schwitters was known to scour the Berlin streets for anything suitable (in his mind) for creating art which he felt could unify all types of artistic theories.

Juan Gris

La table de misicien” $31.8 million, sold by Christie’s in London in February 2018. This Spanish painter was said to have idolized Picasso and created his own version of collage works, distinguishing himself with a more graphic, patterned look and bright, bold colors.

Joseph Cornell

Medici Slot Machine” $7.8 million, sold by Christie’s in NY in May 2014. Cornell was famous for the collage works he created in signature wooden boxes.

Lee Krasner

Shattered Light” $5.5 million, sold by Christie’s in NY November 2017. Wife of famous American painter Jackson Pollack, Krasner was a genius of the “all-over” technique, covering the entire canvas in color.

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili’s controversial “Holy Virgin of Mary”, $4.6 million, was sold by Christie’s in London in June 2015. The work has had a storied history, having offended a multitude of people outside of the art community and once owned by prominent collector Charles Saatchi.

Mark Bradford

Helter Skelter”, $10.4 million at Phillips London in March 2018. This was the highest selling auctioned art by a living African American artist at the time, and interestingly was offered for sale by tennis legend John McEnroe.

Liu Guosong

Blue Moon Landscape” was an outstanding example of increased movement in the Asian art market, selling for $625,000 in a Sotheby’s October 2016 Hong Kong auction.

Collage Art as an Investment

These top sellers are only a small portion of the growing number of collage works available to collectors. With the growth of styles, techniques, and materials used in collage works, it will only grow in popularity among contemporary and modern art collectors.

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