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Performance and Choreography: Melanie McLain vs Anne Imhof

Performance art is all about space, movement and corporeality, and the possibilities to explore them are endless. Political as well as social and aesthetic issues are commonly addressed in the work of performance artists in order to explore the relationships of the human behavior within both the reality and the social life. Two of the most interesting performer artists nowadays are Melanie McLain and Anne Imhof, whose practices are closely related regarding the importance of the body as the main axis of their works. Although their proposals have some aspects in common, their approach to performance offers dissimilar perpsectives.

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Top Art Exhibitions in 2021

It isn’t new: 2020 was one of the most difficult years not only for museums but for the entire world. In the case of the formers, since the beggining of the year almost all the exhibitions around the world closed because of the pandemic. Even know, the majority of the museums are still closed and althought they offer exhibitions or art programms online, we are still wondering if the online space is the best way to exhibit art. What this situation brought as an urgent issue—more than ever—for those who are involved with art are addressed by several key questions: What is the role of the museums nowadays? Does the museums need to change their own dynamics base on the new relationships we are dilling thanks to the pandemic? What can offer the art in this times?

While we find the answer and while we hope for the museums to open in 2021, here are some upcoming international art exhibitions and events for this year. With some luck, we will be able to visit them without the fear of bein together.

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