Release your taste and….

Visit Pace Gallery at Chelsea

One large space art gallery (among many in Chelsea) not to be missed is the Pace Gallery on 57th Street. Teeming with openness, this creates an ideal setting to fully appreciate the art displayed without distractions.

Friendly staff are eager to chat with you about the pieces exhibited, no matter your drive to purchase.  With several locations found not only in NYC but worldwide, Pace Gallery provides a wide variety of contemporary pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Revel in Smoked Fish at Russ & Daughters Café

The old saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do….” Well, nothing could be truer than eating Jewish delicacies at a Jewish restaurant! Located on the lower east side, Russ & Daughters is a café worth the wait, and hungry diners have been known to wait nearly two hours for seat at the counter. With proof of the offerings covering the walls, one can anticipate the delicious lox, bagels, and heritage rye breads served diner-style.

If you arrive with friends, you will be rewarded with platters, perfect for sharing over a bottle of sparkling wine, ideally suited for the varieties of smoked fish on the menu. This long-standing eatery with its 100+-year history, should be on any NYC visitor’s “must do” list.

Visit Latin American style while shopping at Osklen

Step into the store located in SoHo, and one might imagine standing on a Brazilian beach. This Latin American retailer has built a cult following, with an additional location (naturally) found in Miami Beach, along with others scattered throughout the world. Known for its “surf style,” you will find all sorts of beach- and warm weather-focused clothing as well as sporting goods. The eco-friendly hardware of the location is mirrored in the sustainable fashions found throughout the store.

Enjoy a glass of sake as you listen to live music at Tomi Jazz

After a long day of viewing some superb art in the NYC area, head to Midtown to relax and have a few drinks. Follow your ears, as this intimate venue is tucked away in a basement location. Get a little cozy as you mingle with a variety of other music enthusiasts, as well as some of the evening’s acts enjoying each other’s performances.

Although the sake menu is extensive (thanks to its previously dominant Japanese clientele) and the happy hour food selection chock full of tantalizing delicacies like shrimp shumai, seasoned octopus and the unique seafood spaghetti, it is the variety of bands which draw you in. There is a small cover charge of $10/person, but well worth the cost for the rewarding experience.