The jewel of art

Santiago Pani

Designing unique pieces which showcase the human existence, Santiago Pani’s jewelry sparks intrigue just like his exquisite works of art. These artistic pieces, created exclusively for The Sybaris Collection, provide an opportunity for art lovers to showcase their taste everywhere, enhancing the artistic experience of all who see them. From earrings to cufflinks, Pani’s pieces are an imaginative addition to your collection.

This Event is exclusively for Sybaris Clients and Friends, to experience limited edition pieces of jewelry inspired by Santiago Pani’s artwork and Mariana Navarro’s creativity.


Third generation Mexico City artists Santiago Pani never truly had to “discover” art; he simply understood creativity through his father and grandfather, along with the art culture he was exposed to as a child. It was an international trip and the museums he visited throughout this experience, however, which set his heart and mind to creating his own works. With interests varying from the minute world of bugs to the expansive world of space, Santiago Pani explores the connections humans have with the elements of existence.


Santiago completed his degree in Fine Arts at the ENPEG (National School of Painting and Sculpture), popularly known as “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City, a place renown for its artistic history and home to more museums by volume per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Santiago has participated in multiple collective exhibitions in Mexico City, including several at the annual Affordable Art Fair from 2010-2012.

His first individual exhibitions were held at Zacatecas and Mexico City, both sites of spectacular Latin American art in communities teeming with art galleries and artists.

He has displayed works across the globe, from Romania, the United States, Nicaragua, Spain, Belgium, Italy, and in locations throughout Mexico, including artistic residences in Kasterlee, Belgium and Almeria, Spain.

He is creator of Santiago Pani Welcome to My Mind, a project which includes the offering of a limited-edition print and T-shirt, melding art and fashion. His current combination showcases his fascination with octopi and their unique ability to shield themselves from harm with ink.

Source of inspiration

Has been influenced by the works of Lucian Freud, Dutch sculptor Theo Jensen, and his father. Santiago Pani finds that art creation is a journey; he may begin his work with rules in mind, and perhaps a plan for completion, but during the journey he is led another direction as the piece takes shape.

His more recent interest in portraits supports his view of humans as a midpoint between the tiny, yet not insignificant world of entomology to the all-encompassing expanse of the cosmos. Additionally, he is drawn to the reality that everyone has a memory, a recollection of the people he or she has encountered in a lifetime. This collection of experiences shapes the future and individuality of each person, building the character over time.

Sybaris Collection is proud to feature some of Santiago Pani’s works, including his “Retratos” series of mixed media paintings which imply a connection between humans and the insect world. Sybaris is dedicated to bringing emerging artists to our community of art enthusiasts, celebrating the heritage found throughout the world.

This curatorial initiative drew its inspiration on the concept on analogy. As we know, the mathematics of the concept connect with the idea of “proportion”. How to break in small pieces the big part. The portrait image series painted by Pani are the Universe that we wanted to bring closer to a wider audience through the jewellery. Sybaris Collection commissioned artist Santiago Pani to design a wood container whose background be a painting. The box would be filled by small boxes each one containing a piece of jewellery. Anyone could posses a small piece part of the whole.