Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

Paola Ismene is a star born of technology; winning an online competition with a work of art taken with a camera phone epitomizes modernity. She represents the future of digital photography, where individuals who are truly artistic can create works from something as simple as a camera phone. Living in Mexico City, she can find inspiration anywhere in this breathtaking country, where colors dance and shine in everyday surroundings and cultural examples are found in even the most common sights.


Ismene studied at UNAM, earning her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Photography Sciences at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. She participated in the Active School of Photography, where she honed her skills in photography and developed her creativity. Being an introvert, she has used digital photography to share the beauty she finds, using it as a tool to explore humanity and express herself in a universal language. She also declares dreams as critical to reflection, and key to discovering one’s pattern of behavior and reactionary nature.

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection


Although still considered an “emerging” artist, Ismene is no stranger to accolades. She has earned two digital photography awards last year, winning the Saatchi Gallery London’s #SelfExpression contest, chosen from over 9,000 entries, and the Self-Portrait category in the 2017 Mobile Photography Awards, the longest running mobile photography and art competition. Her honor from Saatchi earned her a solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, a big step in the right direction for a young artist.

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection


Her digital works show a scale of interests, from bright, bold colors found in Chiapas to the soft, fluffy pastels discovered on a beach near Tijuana. Sybaris Collection is proud to feature Ismene’s intuitive works, which range in style from the bright yellow and sharp lines shown in her photo Ground, her award-winning beach photo Day Dream in Blue, to the conjecture and wonder found in Make Peace With Yourself.