Museum Highlight: Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota (MAC) from Sybaris Collection

Museum Highlight: Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota (MAC)

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection


There are over 50 museums in this bustling capital, home to scores of universities, libraries, and teeming with creativity. However, sitting outside of the Bogota area in Engativa, the MAC stands as an example of the commitment by Colombia to the phrase “Beauty, like wealth, has a mandatory social function.” Along with celebrating contemporary artists in Central America and worldwide, MAC is also devoted to preservation, with a documentation center comprising an archive of over 3,000 items.

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection


MAC opened its doors in 1966 with a modest collection of 55 works. A modern building, designed by architects Eduardo del Valle and Jairo López and earning them a National Architectural Prize, featured a large central skylight beaming light down upon its 3 floors, was finished in 1970. Even today, it is considered one of the most dynamic and delightful meeting spaces in the Bogota area.


Since that time, the facility has been home to visual, music & literary arts of all genres. An addition in 2009 created a space to celebrate culture and murals in a plaza, welcoming visitors. Now home to over 1000 works of art, MAC accommodates different meetings, presentations, shows & celebrations of artistic creativity in Colombia.


Home to concerts, performances, and educational opportunities, MAC joined nearly 200 other institutions in participating in the Google Art Project. This project, established in 2013, provides online access to more than 57,000 works of art worldwide from some of the most sought-after museum collections in an interactive experience for users. One particular work, Aggression to Vietnam, by Nirma Zarate and Diego Arango, showcases a strong political statement during a time of war, and helped usher in the peak in demand for Colombian art in the decade that followed. Participation in the Google Art Project introduces the world to Colombia as a devotee to artistic expression in Central America. MAC also hosts the International Festival of Ceramic Culture.

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection


Edgar Silva, whose works like Nuestra Senora de las cascadas, represents naturalist paintings focusing on relationships of everyday life. He also teaches art, supporting the dedication to new artists in Colombia.

Paisaje Coralino, by Jorge Riveros. His painting exhibits a classic form of geometric abstraction.


The MAC hosts multiple events throughout the year, including its annual Thesis Project (the 2017 event was the 14th annual), an annual drawing competition, and the Soacha Art Contest, to strengthen the art scene in the area.


Follow us as we journey through the museum, and experience an in-depth view of the collections found at the MAC. Let the Sybaris Collection team lead you to discover a variety of contemporary works from Latin American artists and allow us to help you develop your art collection goals.