Etienne C. Norbert


Inspired by the Proust questionnaire, the questions we ask here seek to show side b of the most prominent collectors of our time, to reveal an aspect of their personality that few people have access to.

What kind of art do you prefer to admire: classical art, modern art or contemporary art?

Modern Art: cubism and surrealism movements are my favorites.

What values do you appreciate in a culture?

Colors, contrast, texture, share, size, etc…

In what other time would you have liked to live?

Art deco period 1920 – 1940.

Which color do you prefer?

Blue: those with blue color personality tend to be sympathetic, compassionate and imaginative.

Where do you prefer to place a piece of art from your collection?

Living room and bedroom.

Do you like to appreciate a work of art alone or do you prefer to do it with someone special?

To do it with someone special.

What region of the world would you like to live in?

Paris, Barcelona, London, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

For you, art is…

Passion, life, expression, beauty, love, complicity, connection…