Homage to Philip Glass at the Rome Opera

American composer Philip Glass receives a ballet homage at The Rome Opera House featuring Italian ballet dancer Eleonora Abbagnato with costumes designed by Christian Dior’s artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri from March 29 through April 2.

Ballet homage at The Rome Opera Hous

Glass is one of the most influential music composers of the 21st century. Most recognized for his compositions for the film The Hours (2002) starring Nicole Kidman as Virginia Wolfe (which won her the Academy Award for best actress) and for his countless operas including Akhenaten, Satyagraha, The Photographer, Einstein on the Beach, andThe Voyage that have been presented throughout the world’s leading houses. Glass has collaborated with Twyla Tharp, Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen and David Bowie.

Designer Chiuri returns to The Rome Opera house after working with Sofia Coppola who directed the play Traviata back in 2016. Haute couture and the best compositions come to life collaborating with the 46 dancers of the Rome Opera House ballet on stage. Guest artists include Friedman Vogel and Benjamin Millepied (who choreographed and starred in Darren Aronofsky’sBlack Swan).

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Friedemann Vogel, Sébastien Bertaud and Eleonora Abbagnato


Dior and ballet have had a history together due to the mutual inspiration they give each other. Chiuri delivers Christian Dior’s legacy in the most elegant way possible collaborating with the most prestigious musicians, dancers, choreographers, and artists. Chiuri uses the iconic 1950’s Dior collection as an inspiration for this ballet.

Glass’ mathematical and minimalist approach to musicology elevated his twelve symphonies, three piano concertos, and his twenty five large and small operas into the world’s best composer of contemporary history.

The 2 hour homage consists of three acts; Heart and Arrows, Glass Pieces, and finally Nuit Blanche.