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Mentalgassi is a trio of young street artists in Germany known for their use of large photographs (usually portraits) pasted onto outdoor objects. Mentalgassi’s artistic proposals are 100% urban, and through different techniques they interact with the street objects to create forms and shapes that make a passerby smile. They combine photography, image manipulation, sculpturing and street art; they manipulate photographs and expose them around the cities of Europe – creating a connection between the public and them.

“We found out that we are actually considering our work as “urban entertainment”: our first aim is to make people see the world through eyes and that hopefully this leads to a smile, because it changes a daily routine of going to work alongside the same buildings, until there break, a smart new little contribution to your everyday life.”

Mentalgassi are insisting on anonymity for legal reasons. These three friends met at secondary school at the age of sixteen. They became writers, spraying images on walls, buildings, U-bahn stations and trains, until a situation with the police tempered their productivity – luckily, just temporarily. A trio then decided to combine their passion for graffiti with their love photographic portraiture.



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