Simone Berno

Simone Berno is an Italian artist born in Padua in 1975. He has an extended production of figurative art in tables, replicated in a limited Series of lithography produced by old and original stones method. He is also recognizable for sculpture artworks, assemblages of precious materials which copper, aluminum, steel.

The first public and private exhibitions since 2002. In these last two years he worked on the street, around the world, with the performance “Art to be Stolen” – link, leaving little replicated and signed artworks, in the most significant city places, across Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, as gift for passers-by telling the history of these places trough his socials.

In 2019, in his born city, he drew 3 new big murals, the firsts of a little series in Padova.

Thanks to a special connection with Murano Island, in Venice, he is working on new project to realize Glass Sculptures.