Dance & Process Series at the Kitchen

The underground and legendary performance venue The Kitchen will present once again its longest running series Dance and Process this coming April as a culmination of a ten-week work process involving many artists. 

Dance and Process, the series that initiated in 1995 in the heart of Chelsea, is hosted by Moriah Evans and Yve Laris Cohen and features work by Mayfield Brooks, Rebecca Serrel Cyr, Stacey Grossfield and Christopher Unpezverde Núñez. Dance and Process is a critical work that stages queries regarding methods of choreographic and dance practices, therefore artists challenge their own work as a means of deconstructing the essence of what is considered to be dance. 

Dance and Process at the Kitchen

Mayfield Brooks

Like renowned feminist and social activist bell hooks, mayfield brooks is actively choosing to not capitalize letters when presenting her name in writing as a form of protest from traditional and white cultural formalities. The movement-based performance artists is currently the artist-in-residence at movement research in New York City. Her work explores race, specifically improvising while black. 


Rebecca Serrel Cyr

New York based dancer Rebecca Serrel Cyr is also a choreographer and movement educator. Her interest resides on teaching movement and instinct to promote wellness and connects it deeply to yoga asana and pranayama practices. 


Stacey Grossfield

As an accomplished choreographer, Grossfield has been at her top of her game with works like hot dark matter (2016), Fur & Tulle (2013), and Red, Pink, Black which made her a recipient of the Manhattan Community Arts Fund grant in 2013. Grossfield is a choreographer for hire and has recently choreographed the one-man-show, Quiet, Comfort, a Hoi Polloi production at JACK, as well as the Okkervil River music video “Judey On A Street”. 


Christopher Unpezverde Núñez

Director, choreographer and performer Núñez explores the most remarkable forms of play from childhood memories and the fabulous escapism of make’belive games refered to the artists as paracosm. Núñez has presented his work at Dansepace Project, The Leslie Lohman Mueum of Gay and Lesbian Art, BAM Fischer, Satellite Art Show, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and many more. 


Dance and Process starts April 5th and ends April 6th and it is open to the public and members of The Kitchen.