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The most recent issue of Art Mag addresses the challenges art must face in the wake of the pandemic that took place in 2020. We make a comparison between the art of last year and that of this year. Likewise, we have an interview with the artist Pablo Helguera, about the role that artists should take during this quarantine.

We are also published our Digital Still Life section, a space for artists to take our pages and spread their creative power. Our Art Value Report analyzes the works of Leonora Carrington, one of the most important surrealist artists in the world.



by Sybaris Collection

TO CONSIDER THE VALUE OF A WORK OF ART there are many criteria that we can take into account, such as its historical significance or the perception we have of the author. Not all works of art that we appreciate need to be expensive. However, those that are have a very special appeal. Based on their popularity and the market’s figures, we select the oldest pieces of art, which are also the ones that have reached the highest prices at auctions. The information is taken from articles by theArtWolf. com, Christie’s, Sotheby’s and The New York Times.

Madonna of the Yarnwinder
Year: 1501
Leonardo Da Vinci
Estimated price: 500 million USD

Leonardo da Vinci painted a series of three paintings of the Virgin and the Child Jesus in 1501 for a possible mandate of Florimund Robertet, Secretary of State of King Louis XII in France. This painting depicts the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in her hands while both look closely at a spinning wheel she uses for spinning. There are three versions of this painting and they are part of private collections in different countries. Madonna of the Yarnwinder (1507) painted in oil on wood belongs to a private collection in New York and its largest estimated cost is $500 million. Another version of this painting belongs to the Buccleuch collection and is on loan from the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Salvator Mundi
Year: 1500-1510
Leonardo Da Vinci
Estimated price: 450.3 million USD

Salvator Mundi (1510) is another of the works that the Renaissance painter Da Vinci painted for King Louis XII and was long considered lost; in 2011 it was part of the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan at the National Gallery in London. The auction was held at Christie’s in November 2017. It was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $ 450.3 million. Today, the work painted in oil on wood between 1500 and 1510, belongs to a private collection in New York.

Portrait of Jan Six
Year: 1654
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Estimated Price: 350 million USD

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, a painter and engraver in the Netherlands, painted the Portrait of Jan Six in 1654. An oil painting on canvas measuring 112 × 102 centimeters that is in private hands by the Six Foundation in Amsterdam. The portrait has been estimated at a price of $350 million.

The Card Players
Year: 1890- 1895
Paul Cézanne
Estimated price: 320 million USDSD

Paul Cézanne painted a series of five paintings of which the latest version of the composition The Card Players is one of the most expensive works sold. In this painting you can see two men playing cards on a table with a bottle between them. It was sold in 2011 to a Qatari family (Yorgos Embiricos) for $250 million and is estimated to be worth up to $320 million.
The impressionist work, made between 1890 and 1895, became part of a private collection in Qatar and is not currently on loan for exhibition. It was sold for $250 million in 2011 at a private auction by seller George Embiricos to the Royal Family of Qatar.

The Conversion of Saint Paul
Year: 1600
Michelangelo Merisi (Michele Angelo Merigi or Amerighi) da Caravaggio
Estimated price: 320 million USD

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio painted Conversion of St. Paul in 1600, used  oil on cypress wood and this work belongs to the Odescalchi Collection in Rome. The painter produced two paintings with the same theme about the mandate of Cardinal Cerasi; it is considered one of the most important works of the artist and one of them is in the Church of Santa Maria del Pololo in Rome while the other is in the collection of Prince Guido Odescalchi. It is currently estimated to be worth $300 million.

Portrait of Dr. Gachet
Year: 1890
Vincent Van Gogh
Estimated price: 82.5 million USD

Vincent Van Gogh painted Portrait of Dr. Gachet in 1890 and is known to be one of the paintings that reached a record price: $82.5 million in 1990. There are two versions of this painting, both of which were painted in June 1890. This pair of portraits are by Dr. Gachet, a Parisian art-loving doctor who Van Gogh met by his brother Theo. It was sold to the Japanese Ryoei Saito and its location is currently unknown.

La bailarina de Aviñó
Year: 1955
Pablo Picasso
Estimated price: 250 million USD

Pablo Picasso painted The Dancer of Avignon in 1955. It has been hidden for decades in the private collection of Basil Goulandris and is part of his most important works due to its relationship with the work The Ladies of Avignon. The oil on canvas work was auctioned at Christie’s New York in May 2015 and was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $179,365,000. Currently, the value of this work by Picasso is estimated at $250 million and is not on display or loan.

La Bella Principessa
Year: 1495 to 1496
Leonardo Da Vinci
Estimated price: 250 million USD

Leonardo da Vinci painted The Beautiful Princess from 1495 to 1496 and it currently belongs to the Peter Silverman Collection. This work is a drawing of coloured pencils on an oak panel in the similar style of the Portrait of Elizabeth of the East. Its estimated value is $250 million acquired from a private collection.

Mujer III
Year: 1951
Willem de Kooning
Estimated price: 137,5 million USD

Willem de Kooning painted in oil on canvas Woman III. Of Kooning’s work this is the only painting that is in private hands in the Steve Cohen Collection. It has also been rated as one of the 50 masterpieces in the history of painting by The Art Wolf. The work was sold under a private sale in 2006 by David Geffen and the buyer was Steve Cohen for $137.5 million.

Number 5
Year: 1948
Jackson Pollock
Estimated price: 220 million USD

Jackson Pollock painted Number 5 in 1948. Pollock’s drip was made on a fiber sheet with brown and yellow paint. This work was sold for $140 million in a private sale in 2006. The 243.8 × 121.9 cm painting is the second-highest price paid in contemporary art. David Geffen was the seller of this piece and it is rumored that the buyer was David Martinez. Today, the price of this work is estimated at 220 million dollars. Pollock’s painting is recognized for being part of the abstract expressionism and this work is considered the most commercially valuable contemporary painting. Its colors revive the anguish that the artist experienced in World War II.

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