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Building an Art Collection in Today’s Art Market

The art market is an exciting one. From fast-paced art auctions to huge art fairs such as Art Basel Miami (attracting over 75,000 visitors), it is both enjoyable and thrilling to see the wide variety of art works represented by thousands of unique artists worldwide. Additionally, with the popularity of online display and sales growing annually, one doesn’t have to look far to find works of all genres, techniques, and price ranges. But discovering and enjoying art are separate from building a collection of art works. Therefore, here are a few tips to building your own art collection in today’s art market.

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Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

For those interested in learning about the world of contemporary art, in its diverse markets which can be considered different art “worlds”, Sarah Thornton delves deep to offer readers an inside look. Rather than creating a guide for those already knowledgeable about the world of art and the markets where it can be found, Thornton offers readers a glimpse into what a day could appear in each art-focused culture. From a live auction at Christie’s to THE Art Basel fair in Switzerland, and various creative locations in between, art and the art civilization are at the heart of Thornton’s book.

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Installation Art—The Location or the Artwork?

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

In a proverbial “the chicken or the egg” conundrum, installation art leads scholars to ask “is it the art itself or the location of the art” which makes it installation? No matter how you look at, installation art is often “larger than life” and simply has that WOW factor. One of the key factors which distinguishes this type of work from most others is the experience viewers have when viewing installation art. This ability to see the art from multiple angles, the variations across a surface, often provide a breathtaking encounter for art appreciators. Let’s delve more into installation art.

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Exhibitions You Need to See in Marfa, Texas

In a world of art “destinations”, Marfa stands alone. No place is really like it, and when visiting, art lovers see art that isn’t exhibited in the same manner anywhere else. However, although each exhibition is a unique specimen, representing the maker’s own taste, talent, and story, there are some works of art and artists which shouldn’t be missed. Here are some of our favorite Marfa exhibitions:
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