artmonte-carlo is a new art exhibition, which aims to establish an artistic platform on the Côte d’Azur. It is at the very forefront of contemporary art, modern art and contemporary design and wishes to pay homage to the requirements of the region’s numerous collectors and art-lovers.

Palexpo SA’s decision to create a second exhibition of contemporary art, modern art and contemporary design, under the Patronage of S.A.S Prince Albert II de Monaco, was motivated by the interest shown by gallery owners and art collectors who have experienced artgenève, as well as by the close ties between Geneva and Monaco.




Objects, my friends is an exhibition of furniture and objects made with care, objects produced in small quantity, boldly escaping from fashion and market laws, and loaded with a great poetry. Created by architects, designers or artists, all attached to beauty. Those objects ask the question of their status: Art objects? Everyday objects? Both?


Hans-Walter Müller was born the 25th December 1935 in Germany. He graduated as an engineer from Darmstadt Polytechnical School Germany (1961), he continued his architectural studies in Paris and started his architectural research using the materials available at that time : artificial light, the projected image, the sound, the plastic material, electric motors, serving the –architecture of movement- (1965). He is known for being part the -cinematic art- movement developing its and opening new fields of opportunity to architecture, which became -air architecture- (1965-2006).