Magic Hours is a series of tabletop objects that explores concepts of the California Light and Space Movement. Characterized by a focus on perceptual phenomena, such as light, volume and scale and use of materials such as glass, neon, fluorescent lights, resin and cast acrylic, Light and Space installations are often conditioned by the work’s surroundings. Whether by directing the flow of natural light, embedding artificial light within objects or architecture, or by playing with light through use of transparent, translucent or re active materials, these artists made the spectator’s experience of light and other sensory phenomena under specfic conditions the focus of their work.


Matt Scobey – Creator and Sculptor

In the Magic Hours Collection, marble tile, cast acrylic and neodymium magnets create stacking tabletop objects. The viewers experience of the work is dependent on their relationship to the object and it’s relationship to natural light in the space at the time.

The objects appear to have active and dormant periods dependent upon the space they are placed and the angle of light hitting them throughout the day.