Digital artist Ozan Türkkan offers stimulating works in this collection. From an unconventional composite of nature and imagination to an immersive environment, Türkkan explores a sensory world of the imagination in his digital art installations. These engaging pieces allow viewers to step into this artistic experience, vibrant and dynamic, and encounter something different upon each occurrence. His blend of digital techniques, color, human emotional and stark algorithmic expression create an unparalleled presentation.


Ozan Turkkan – Digital Media Artist

In an exploding digital media market, Ozan Türkkan blends human behavior and motion in beautiful and exhilarating combinations. Having lived and worked in many different countries, Türkkan creates multifaceted works which mirror the diversity he has found throughout life. Utilizing technology to expand the horizon of movement and complex shapes, Türkkan experiments with various theories on computer and algorithmic art, challenging the unconscious in viewers with bursts of color combinations.


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