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Painting in the 21st Century: New Tendencies and Possibilities

Painting is one of the most ancient techniques and art expression. It is even considered as the basis of all art forms: from photography and cinema, to theather and art installation. Over centuries, painting artists has explored the techniques, colors, topics and even the limits of the canvas to create new possibilities for this form of art. And although in the 20th Century, conceptual art had major attention through the performance, art installation and ready-mades, painting has always been present to show us a glimpse of our times. In this occasion, we selected 5 aspects to explore the characteristic and interest that artistis from the 21st Century are working through the painting.

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Nature’s Palette: A Color Reference System from the Natural World

By Sybaris

How many colors are there in nature? Are all the colors are natural? Such as time and space, color is one of the most interesting concepts and elements art and sciences are obssesed with. 200 years after the release of an extende version of  the chromatic catalog Nature’s Palette: A Color Reference System from the Natural World, Princeton University Press is presenting a version with new contributions and illustrations.

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José González Veites: Abstract Geometry

By Sybaris Collection

The work of José González Veites (Mexico City, 1957) is one of the most hidden treasures in Mexican art history. Although his paintings has been subjetc of several essays written by art critics and theorist as Teresa del Conde, Rita Eder or María Minera, no major solo exhibitions devoted to Veites have been made recently in Mexico. However, his technique and his concept of the painting reveals a both a deeply knowledge and interest about the canvas as a surface to define light, color and space.

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