ART Furnishing Program

Discover your taste and transform your space by leasing fine art with our Art Furnishing Program. The Sybaris Collection Art Furnishing Program allows art enthusiasts an economical and convenient way to choose, display and rotate pieces of art on an annual basis in their homes and offices.

Why Choose Sybaris?

Our art curators search the globe for fascinating works by emerging and renowned artists, providing a wide diversity of genres and mediums, from collectibles, paintings, and even sculptures. Let us guide you to discover what inspires these talented artists, learn more about their cultures and traditions, and add their creativity to your space.

For New Collectors

Our Art Furnishing Program presents you with an affordable and low-risk method to start your collection, try out works of art for your home, and build a collection without a huge up-front investment. When you have found a piece you love and want to keep it, a portion of your lease expenses is applied to the purchase price.

For Established Collectors

When looking for additions to your collection, or looking to refresh your display, ourArt Furnishing program allows you to modify your space, transforming your home without having a large expenditure at one time. Should you decide that an artwork is suited perfectly to your home and décor, a portion of the leasing fees is applied to the purchase price.

For Corporate Collectors

Artwork can make or break the culture of a commercial space. By leasing artwork, business owners can modify the sentiment of a space, facilitating the mood necessary for a dynamic experience. You can share beautiful art with you customers, clients, and employees, and retain the option to change furnishings to keep the space interesting. With options to change your works annually, you are creating a beautiful space to facilitate creativity and production without a major renovation.


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