Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

I came across Manuela García, a Saturday afternoon, while I was visiting Salon Acme.

“She” wasn’t there. Her pieces where. Was she then?

The “Circuito” piece exhibited on the ground floor caught my attention, as I was walking through the Salone. A beautiful square made out of copper. Properly, I was in front of an idea. After finishing my round along the different spaces, I came again to “Circuito” for one last sight and left. My curiosity was raised. What was this piece about? Who was the mind behind the idea?

One year later, I received an invitation to “Un salón un Artista” an exhibition taking place again at Salon Acme. Manuela García was among the listed artists. On another Saturday afternoon, I came to visit the exposition and met her.

Empathy was double-sided from the beginning. This is easily understood; usually when I like someone’s work, it already means I like someone’s mind.


Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

Manuela is Colombian. She was born in a time where bombs and narco gossips where common in Cartagena, Bogotá and all around the Latin Country. Has that impacted somehow her later work? Visiting later her beautiful Studio in Santa Maria La Ribera while drinking lavender tea has been an occasion  to talk with her about this and also about politics and phenomenology, Husserl,  how she was shaped as an artist, but also about personal anecdotes, ways of feeling, expectations. We cross the bridge between the personal and the professional realm  all the time, and I enjoy it so much. She is amazing on both realms: clever, intense, committed, creative, subversive.

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

Her pieces are mainly ideas, and she is an invitation to think. How do we shape things? How do we believe in things we do? Her work is very subtle. Hardly perceptible at first sight. She is also great at drawing and her tape pieces are one of my favorites. I could keep on sharing what pieces I like, and why, buy may  this be only the prelude to a beautiful conversation recently held at her studio. I’m delighted to leave you listen to what she has to say about her on art on the next Art Series post.

Check out her available pieces at our Art Boutique

Some pieces by Manuela García are available at our Art Boutique; like Circuito Número 1 or Dómino, a beautiful glass piece. If something catches your attention, get it before it’s gone!