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All about Painting!

Painting is the most classic of the arts, but for the contemporary art perspective might seem like an old fashioned technique. However, several artists are constantly redefining, questioning and exploring the pictorial possibilities and the topic which could be approached with. This new series for Handpicked Art by Sybaris is a collaboration with Mexican gallerist Daniela Elbahara. We include works by young artists from different geographies working with various painting techniques that let them play with the canvas, the pictorial space, the materials, and the bidimensionality.

Espejismo reciente
Hugo Robledo

Explanada subyaciente
Hugo Robledo

Superficies Aerodinámicas
Hugo Robledo

Installations: LatinAmerica in Focus

Art installations could be as simply as they seem or as complex they actually are. They could be simply made with a neon light stick —like some of the works by Claire Fontaine—, but also with tons of steel —such as the extraordinary steel layers made by Richard Serra. In any case, installations always involve three fundamental aspects: space, corporeality and landscape.
For this selection, we are focusing on the Latin American Installation scene, presenting a very diverse collection of different materials and techniques.

El reino de este mundo
Nahuel Vecino

Pulmón de manzana
Nina Kovensky

Diarios del Odio
Roberto Jacoba y Syd Krochmalny

Paola de Anda

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