Array Collective: It is Still Artivism the Trendy Banner of Art?

By Sybaris Collection

Activism in art it isn’t a new topic. Actually, since the 60’s artists has become they artistic practices into diverse form of activism in which is popularly called as “Artivism“. However, since the last decade the major art institutions has...

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Sophie Taeuber-Arp: A Dada Woman

By Sybaris Collection

Dada is undoubtley one of the most important art movements of the 20th Century. Its power and importance has been historically attributed to characters such as Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp or Man Ray. However, art history has forgot the key...

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La representación de la naturaleza a través de la historia del arte

By Sybaris Collection

La naturaleza no es solo uno de lo elementos más enigmáticos de la vida, sino uno de los temas más icónicos en la Historia del arte. ¿Qué es lo que tanto ha obsesionado a los artistas para encomiar por siglos...

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The Provocation

an art column
By Regina de Con Cossío

Studio Visit: Wendy Cabrera Rubio

Art Mag by Sybaris

Delve into art topics

Artivism it isn’t a new concept for art neither for the world. But our times—in the midst of a pandemic, economical and political crisis, and many more—demands to expand our panorama and think beyond the common: if it is not through art, what then?

This Issue reflects about the possibilities for art to impact in reality and achieve real changes in the world. You will find a special infographie with 10 of the most important works on activism art, a dictionary to introduce you to key concepts about artivism, among other exclusive articles.

We are also included our Digital Still Life section, a space for artists to take our pages and spread their creative power. Our Art Value Report is an ultimate guide to buying sculptures and analyzes pieces from 1 to 10 million USD.

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Guides for the Art Collector

At Sybaris, we are committed to staying tuned with the market trends and artworks behavior, so we are permanently watching the auction and art fair results, ongoing exhibitions at the galleries and museums to curate specifically the pieces for each collection.
Our latest Art Guide is all about sculptures. It is the guide for collectors to identify, step by step, a piece in this fertile array. Our study considered 400 pieces of contemporary Art recurrently exhibited in Art Fairs.
This report is also an Ultimate Guide with 5 key aspects to consider when choosing sculptures for your art collections.

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Through our Guides, we analyse different pieces and artists, and their behavior in the art market. Our articles relate journalistic research with economic, political, sociological, aesthetic and historical analysis so that our readers not only learn about the most relevant aspects of art but also form an opinion on the most important issues in their context.


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