By Sybaris Collection

Through art history bodie has been one of the main territories of exploration and interest for the artists. However, in times when body is not only constantly redifiniton but also passing through different violences, how we can explore and reflect about this human space?

La práctica de Fernando Polidura (Ciudad de México, 1989) está enfocada en desmantelar el cuerpo humano desde diversos emplazamientos marginales y vulnerables, ofreciendo así una visión más íntima y cruda que contraviene las convenciones y tradiciones de bellezas e ideales del ser humano contemporáneo, y que atañe a distintos ámbitos como la economía, la medicina, la fe y, por supuesto, el arte.

The practice of Fernando Polidura (Mexico City, 1989) is focused on dismantling the human body from various marginal and vulnerable states,  offering a more intimate and raw vision that contravenes the conventions and canons of beauty and the ideals of contemporary human beings. This exploration is based on different areas such as economics, medicine, faith and, of course, art.


Polidura’s proposal aims to define a “body” as an independent organism to the artist himself, to his sorrounding and the space in which the work will be located once it is finished. This way, he will be able to set a specific state of order and balance, even if those are temporary, precarious and vulnerable.

Fernando Polidura studied architecture and for eight years he worked with differentes emerging and well-knwon architectural practice. In the mid time, he explored concepts such as structure, materiality and the exhibition of drawing and sculpture processes. He has been part of the Independent Art Fair (FAIN, 2020), the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (2020), the exhibition Otra casa (Casa Equis and Casa Lü), and the exhibition Expo 54, curated and exhibited in Frontera 115. Fernando was part of an artistic and production residency in USSR, an iniciative and idependent study at Mexico City.