Featured Artist

Inas Al-Soqi

Inas is a story-teller that uses old books to assemble collages with a unique sense of
humor towards worldly sensibilities. She is a heritage-driven artist who works with the
cultural diversity she encounters in her trips around the world. She has a solid
education in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage work, and art history. Her works
also circulate the globe. They can be found in museums and private collections
throughout several countries: Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada,
Lebanon, The Netherlands, Finland, Morocco, Qatar, and The United States.

Her collages play with the dichotomy between the sanctioned and the unsanctioned, and
that of folk and fine art. They deliver an endearing form of satire as they express an
ironic interpretation of class and nobility. The composition of her work addresses the
following themes: Eastern culture, Arab culture, early colonial federalism, and violence
against women.



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