The immersive artwork I’M THE MOUNTAIN features a large scale sculpture, combined with a projec- tion and an audio track. During the exhibition, the artwork becomes a living object, as it is  used by skate- boarders as a platform for personal expression.
I’M THE MOUNTAIN explores the force and its vibrance of a natural, but indescribable object as a mountain is. Understanding a natural, millions of year old object as a sculpture, which is filled with a deep rooted energy. A mountain is one of the largest scaled objects on earth, closed by its defini- ton as solitary an object. A force, that gives even the possibility to change the weather. While on the same hand, is standing from before mankind, and will stay long after mankind.
For a human, a small change, erosion, is recognizable.But only on the small es level. The passing of time, becomes only a metaphor.
What is the size of a mountain? What is the sound of it? What vibrating energy is possible to feel.
These are some of the questions, the artwork tries to explore.
As the sculpture is being used as a object for skateboarders. Through their noise, combined with the sampled audio track, it becomes the rolling thunder of time for the audience, a constant source. The size of the sculpture becomes a quality for the skateboarder, as he will stand before it, look up to it, and reflect on his own abilites and how to approach the mountain. Through the wear and use of the sculpture, erosion on it’s smalles scale becomes a visible experience.

Technical details:
1 sculpture, 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m Projection with a short distance projector Sennheiser Ambeo ASH headphones


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