There is an acclaimed rumor in the philosophical tradition that Plato’s Academy door was engraved with the phrase “let no one ignorant of geometry enter”, as that was his tool to test the student’s power of abstraction. Ever since, geometry remained as the crown jewel of the sciences, and it is still the same way in our days. This collection is an ode to what first inspired Euclid: symmetry, shapes, dimmensions, planes, and angles. Full of motion and optical effects with an astonishing expertise in the use of color, these pieces test our capacity to appreciate the abstract, and to go far beyond the figure.


Isauro Huizar – Visual Artist and Painter

Isauro Huizar lives and works in México City focusing on contemporary art. He works with different media and also performs site-specific work, rather than creating new objects, reorders and recontextualizes what already exists.


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