Photo Courtesy of Ozan Turkkan

The works of Turkish artist Ozan Turkkan exemplify the blend of art and technology. By combining artistic skill, computer applications and multimedia presentations, Turkkan provides viewers with an immersive experience practically unheard of until recently. By drawing on his multicultural experiences and the variety of cultures he has resided in throughout his lifetime, Turkkan offers a universal understanding of humanity with a focus on entering the subconscious or deeper reality.


A student of art in many locations, Turkkan experimented with multiple art disciplines in Istanbul, Philadelphia, and Salamanca, at the University of Salamanca. He discovered his love for digital media at university, where Turkkan earned his Masters’ degree in Multimedia at BAU (Escola Superior de Disseny) in Barcelona.

Early Works

Like many art students, Turkkan began his career exhibiting in festivals in Spain, Portugal, and his native Istanbul, including participating in the Punto y Raya Festival in Madrid, a video installation presented at a reception held at Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, and his work Fractal Dimensions, which was exhibited at both the Gallery Mitte in Barcelona and the Istanbul Art Platform in Istanbul.

Novelty of his Exhibitions

Turkkan’s works are a breathtaking combination of art and technology, and his virtual reality and interactive works have intrigued visitors wherever they are exhibited. He joins technologies like computer programming, video, and art to create digital installations which draw viewers in with the enticement of touching the screen, although Turkkan admits that children are braver than adults when presented with the possibility.

Turkkan has expanded his works to include both video work and Versions, an arrangement between video and dance, in which he collaborated with choreographer Maria Eugenia Lopez.

Exhibition List

2016, Şişli, art ON Istanbul at Contemporary Istanbul 2016

2014, “Bipolar Fractal” and “Curving Time”, digital prints, CONTRA (Contemporary Turkish Art) Art Fair, London and Bricklane
2014, Holographic Video Installation. New media exhibition: “Formless,” Fluid reality in New Media Art, Energy Museum, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul.
2014, Dilemma, Mixer, Istanbul
2013, Video Screening at Cacophony video exhibition, Açıkekran New media Arts Gallery, Istanbul
2013, GRID / Plug-In New Media Section, Contemporary Istanbul
2013, Istanbul INN LONDON, Showcase, Victoria House, London
2012, Blank Exhibition, augmented reality video exhibition, Contemporary Istanbul
2012, Curving Time, interactive video installation, 2X56 inch multi-touch screen, The Empire Gallery, Istanbul
2012, Resurrection, Fractal Continuum, video installation, Hush Gallery, Istanbul
2011, Alfa Omega Alfa, 04:12, about time, vibration, mutation, fractals and continual flux. Code based generated moving images
2011, SIMULTAN Festival 2011 – Imaginary, Timisoara (Romania)

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