Photo Courtesy of Inas Al-Soqui

Inas is a story teller that uses old books to assemble collages with a unique sense of humor towards worldly sensibilities. She is a heritage-driven artist who works with the cultural diversity she encounters in her trips around the world. She has a solid education in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage work, and art history. Her works also circulate the globe. They can be found in museums and private collections throughout several countries: Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Finland, Morocco, Qatar, and The United States.

Her collages play with the dichotomy between the sanctioned and the unsanctioned, and that of folk and fine art. They deliver an endearing form of satire as they express an ironic interpretation of class and nobility. The composition of her work addresses the following themes: Eastern culture, Arab culture, early colonial federalism, and violence against women.


Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Masters in Art Business

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University

Bachelors of Fine Arts


Photo Courtesy of Inas Al-Soqui



Art Symposium, Cinsor Transilvania Casa de Oaspeti, Romania


Art Symposium, Stefan Jäger International, Jimbolia, Romania


Artist Residency, Haihatus Studio, Joutsa, Finland


Artist Residency, Galeria Hivernage Marrakech, Morocco

2014 – 2015

Artist in Residence, Vincent Van Gogh Huis, Zundert, The Netherlands



Photo Courtesy of Inas Al-Soqui

Latest Exhibitions

9 – 12. 2018

Displaced Translation, William Morris Hunt Memorial Library – Boston, MA

7. 2018

Rotten Love Tomato, De Construkt – Brooklyn, NY

6-7. 2018

Group ExhibitionAllow me to Reintroduce Myself, Cigar Factory – 9-20 35th Avenue, Queens NY 11106 (


Art FairWOW Amsterdam, KunstRAI – Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Collage Collective, ConArtist Collective – New York, NY


Artists & Fleas, Artists & Fleas – 70 N. 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (


Inas Al-soqi, Witchy – New York, NY


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