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Art Trends: Digital Sculpture

3D technology has been applied to many industries and is being utilized in various art mediums, including sculpture. Traditional sculpture described the process of creating a 3D object from a pliable material, whereas digital sculpture involves the use of technological tools to manipulate virtual objects as though they were clay. While other types of art have integrated digital technology, including painting, drawing, and most commonly, photography, sculpture is a relative newcomer to the digital world, as the technology necessary to create digital sculpture is much more complicated.

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What is Digital Art?

As can be typical of discussions surrounding the use of computers to advance various human activities, where does “digital” become “art”? Digital art uses technology to build upon established skills in other traditional art forms, and is only one step forward in mankind’s effort to express himself through creative activities. But to look further into how we got to this point, we must consider how it came about, what defines digital art, and examine some of the leaders and works which represent outstanding digital art.

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Trends in Art

Release your taste and….

Visit Pace Gallery at Chelsea

One large space art gallery (among many in Chelsea) not to be missed is the Pace Gallery on 57th Street. Teeming with openness, this creates an ideal setting to fully appreciate the art displayed without distractions.Read more

Trends in Art

Art Trends: Pop Up Art Exhibits

Pop Up Art Exhibits have become a successful addition to the art world. In a world where art exhibitions may be scheduled up to three years in advance, and young emerging artists struggle to find avenues to promote their work, the idea that small spaces could be used for short term periods is attractive. With empty retail space located in large metropolitan areas worldwide, pop up art exhibits have become an innovative way for artists to showcase their work, on their own terms and schedule.
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Technology and Art Collecting: A Whole New World

In a world of art galleries and museums, auctions filled with fancy attire and bubbly champagne, technology is the elephant in the room. The art world is now forced to address questions never before considered. It is not only new collectors who are participating in the new “reality” of art. Galleries as well as artists themselves are beginning to understand the importance of technology, and its impact on the art industry. It’s no longer necessary to peruse galleries to discover new (and established) artists; the digital world has allowed collectors access into locations worldwide in order to discover works of art, from the comfort of their homes.
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